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The Insight Software Solutions Story

Michael D. Jones, the founder of Insight Software Solutions, started his career as a mainframe programmer for an insurance company. Later he began developing custom software programs for clients on the side.

Mike became intrigued with the shareware (try before you buy) marketing concept and started Insight Software Solutions in 1990. That year he developed the Interest Analyzer program to sell over the Internet. Shortly thereafter he received his first order and payment. He promptly shipped the program on a nice 5.25 inch floppy disk.

Mike liked the concept of getting paid for software he wrote and soon started developing other financial software products, including the Debt Analyzer – which we still sell today. Orders continued to arrive and Mike made the decision to leave his full-time employment and give undivided attention to his fledgling company.

As sales increased it became time to hire someone to help package and fulfill the orders. In the early 90’s practically all orders were shipped on floppy disk, but by then on 3.5 inch disks.

The business was incorporated in late 1995 and given the official name of Insight Software Solutions, Inc. It also became time to move out of Mike’s basement and lease office space as the company grew.

Tragically, in December 1999, Mike passed away suddenly. Fortunately he had the foresight to hire talented programmers and others to move his vision forward.

We began developing some in-house tools to help be more productive. After using them with success, we determined that these would also be helpful for others, including businesses and enterprises. Our first macro (automation) product released was Keyboard Express. We followed with ShortKeys and later developed what turned into our flagship product, Macro Express.

In 2001, the company moved to Kaysville, Utah, a town nestled between the Wasatch mountains and the Great Salt Lake, about 20 miles north of Salt Lake City. The company continues to thrive in Kaysville to this day.

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Insight Software Solutions is dedicated to developing high quality, user friendly software products for Microsoft Windows based operating systems.

Other Stuff

  • Sales in over 125 countries around the world.
  • Sales to the majority of Fortune 500 companies.
  • Sales to most of the major hospital chains in the U.S.
  • Sales to many of the prestigious universities in the U.S. and world.
  • We have garnered numerous software awards from Ziff-Davis, the Shareware Industry Awards Foundation, magazines and others.