Macro Express Portable

Install Macro Express Portable on any portable drive that can be connected to and disconnected from your computer. These may be referred to as a USB drive, flash drive, flash memory, thumb drive, memory stick or portable hard drive. Macro Express Portable will run from that device rather than the local computer.

Why Go Portable?

If you use several different computers, take Macro Express with you. Just plug into the computer, load the program and you are ready to go. Keep all your macros in one convenient location.


Use requires a valid Macro Express Portable license. There is no 30-day trial license. Use the standard version of Macro Express to evaluate the program.

1. Purchase a license now for $59.95 or $79.95.

2. Save when you purchase Macro Express bundled with the Portable version by choosing the Special Offer at checkout.

Portable Menu

Macro Express Portable includes Portable Menu. This program will load Macro Express Portable or other programs on your portable device.


  • Will not leave traces of the program on the hard drive of the machine where the program is run. Macro files and temporary files are stored on the portable drive.
  • Does not support playable (.mxe) macros.
  • You cannot double-click on a .mex file to load it into Macro Express Portable.