Tutorial - Introduction


The tutorials in this section demonstrate how to create various macro types and how to use many of the program features.


Creating Macros
There are several ways to create macros with Macro Express.

1. Capture (record) your keystrokes and mouse movements.
These two tutorials show different options for recording a macro.

Capture a Macro using the Capture Icon
Capture a Macro - System Hot Key

2. The Quick Wizard guides you through a series of questions and builds the macro.
Step through the Quick Wizard tutorial to create a reminder message.

Create Macro with Quick Wizard

3. Write the macro in the Direct Editor
Learn more about the Direct Editor with the HotKey tutorial and how it can be used to write macros.

 Creating a Hot Key Macro


4. Scripting Editor
Use the Scripting Editor to create simple to complex macros. Each command is displayed on a separate line in the script for easy viewing and modification. These tutorials demonstrate the use of the Scripting Editor.

Creating a Shortkey Macro
Creating a Scheduled Macro
Using Window Controls
Copy and Paste between Two Applications
ASCII Text File Process
Using Text String Variables
Using Integer Variables

Other Tutorials
This tutorial shows how to build a popup menu. Create a menu of macros to display on screen and just select the one you want to run.

Create a Popup Menu

Determine where macros will run using the macro scope feature. This tutorial shows how to have macros only run in specific programs or windows, run in all but one or several windows, or run in all programs.

Macro Scope




The videos for each of these tutorials may be viewed online at www.macros.com.