Customer Created Macros

This page contains sample macros created by other Macro Express users. One way to learn how to write better macros is to examine macros written by others. We encourage you to download these macros, and study and modify them as needed.

Share your macros! By sharing your macro you will help others and gain fame. See our Shared Macro Guidelines for more information.

Sample macros for Macro Express 5 and Macro Express Pro 6

Activate or Launch Blank (New) Notepad
Launch Notepad to generate or switch to a new document window.

Alert and Remind
Display alerts at scheduled times and periodically display reminders.

Auto Correct
Add a shortcut macro that can be used like Word’s Auto Correct.

Auto Shutdown
Automatically shut down your computer at a specified time.

Calculator with a Paper Tape feature.

Clip Express
Save up to 15 text items into an extended clipboard.

Clipboard Helper
Save information in up to 10 “fake” clipboards.

Context (right-click) Menu Macros
Add an entry to the Windows context menu to run a macro.

Convert Highlighted Text Revised
Convert the case status of Highlighted Text Revised.

Current Date
Captures the current date for reporting.

Count Clipboard Characters
Count number of characters saved in the clipboard.

Define Word Take 5
The fifth version of the Define Word macro.

Determine the size of a folder
Determine the size of all the files in a folder.

Easy Login
Simplify login and password entry.

Escape from Help
This macro causes Esc to close any help screen.

Handy macros
A collection of handy macros.

Hidden Window Manager
Hide and restore up to 10 windows.

HTML helper macros
Enter bold, italic, underline and link HTML tags.

HTML Match tags
Show the matched tag structure of a tags in an HTML file.

Macro Timer
Time how long it takes to run another macro.

Reminders Multi
A versatile popup reminder system.

RGB Color Evaluator
Evaluate a pixel color based on the color name.

Roman Numerals
Convert a decimal number to Roman numerals.

Swap Monitors for Current Window
Swap Monitors for Current Window.

Text Type shortkeys
Insert keystrokes into the Macro Express ‘Text Type’ dialog.

Time Code Calculators
Four time code calculators useful to audio/video editors.

Create timers for recurring events.

Type the Time
Type a date/time stamp.

Upper/Lower Case
Convert selected text to upper or lower case.

Sample macro for Macro Express 5 only

Detect if a macro exits unexpectedly.

Sample macros for Macro Express Pro 6 only

A Million to 1
This is a macro that will guess a number between 1 and a million.

Age Calculator
Calculate a person’s age.

Get Free Space
Calculate the amount of free space on a drive.

Log and Ln Calculator
An efficient way of calculating Log base 10 and Ln.

Move the Mouse
Smoothly moves mouse from current position to a target position.

Willey’s Helpers
Proper Case, Title Widener and Stripmail macros.

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